Interior redesign or one-day-decorating is simply rearranging a client’s own accessories and furniture to magically make the room come to life. Sometimes new art and accessories are added, as well as, new wall color recommendations. The session can be two hours to a whole day depending on the number of rooms. Redesign satisfies the need for artfully arranged and personally styled homes… in a hurry.

A Re-design is a great option for those who plan to continue living in their homes while they are on the market for potential buyers. Our design utilizes your existing furniture and adds accessories to compliment them with pieces in our inventory, giving your space a updated look.

This option is great for those looking to breathe new life into their home, without having to invest in bringing in all new furnishings. During this consultation, we help you determine what pieces need to stay or be packed away to tidy up the space. You can choose to take care of the to-do items yourself or let our seasoned movers do some of the heavy lifting!