When prepping to sell your home, there’s a lot that needs to be done that can cause significant overwhelm and stress.
To help relieve you of some of this stress, one of our designers would be happy to provide you with a report and quote to get your house ready for staging.
This report encompasses a comprehensive walk-through of your home, noting exactly what you should get rid of (or pack away) and what to keep so that the staging process runs more smoothly. You will be left with this report to either take care of the items listed or we can come back and do the work for you. It’s up to you!
At the best of times, moving is very overwhelming, so let us help you prepare your home for the market so you can concentrate on other things.
Consultation: $250 (credit applied if you decide to book our services)


Interior redesign or one-day-decorating is simply rearranging a client’s own accessories and furniture to magically make the room come to life. Sometimes new art and accessories are added, as well as, new wall color recommendations. The session can be two hours to a whole day depending on the number of rooms. Redesign satisfies the need for artfully arranged and personally styled homes… in a hurry.


A Re-design is a great option for those who plan to continue living in their homes while they are on the market for potential buyers. Our  design utilizes  your existing furniture and adds accessories to compliment them with pieces in our inventory, giving your space a  updated look.


This option is great for those looking to breathe new life into their home, without having to invest in bringing in all new furnishings.   During this consultation, we help you determine what pieces need to stay or be packed away to tidy up the space.  You can choose to take care of the to-do items yourself or let our seasoned movers do some of the heavy lifting!



Our home staging training courses and workshops will teach you skills you will use for a life-time of Home Staging success!
Learn Professional Home Staging directly from Kathleen McGowan, Purple Cow Staging. By participating in any of our intense, hands-on training options, you will learn to give any listing that model home look and feel, and home owner’s the power to earn a quicker sale for a higher price!

Don’t be fooled! Staging a home for sale does not need to be a long and drawn out process, requiring hours and hours of fussing and fretting, large, out of pocket expenses, or an antsy home owner waiting for you to finish. Our training is based on three simple principle’s.
1) Identifying positive aspects of the home.
2) Identifying negative aspects of the home.
3) Understanding the most efficient way to create balance between the two.

With our home staging training, you will learn to quickly and effectively clear clutter! Play up selling points through thoughtful furniture arrangement and accessorizing. Create a nice, easy room-to-room balance that will concisely play to a buyer’s ideal. Quick tricks that work to easily resolve many of the dilemma’s you will run across. And most importantly, you will learn to turn any listing into a showplace without offending the home owner’s taste or lifestyle! Setting yourself up to successfully offer these services with little or no over-head, marketing your services to both home-owners and agents, along with inside knowledge to set yourself above the competition is also what you’ll learn through our training. The results you can achieve with your newly found confidence and know-how are certain to ensure both top sales and wonderful referrals!


TOP AGENTS IN THE COUNTRY know how to show-off their product to it’s fullest potential through the power of Home Staging. That’s why they’re top agents. INTERIOR DESIGNERS are jumping on the band-wagon to expand their services and income to include staging homes for show! Give yourself a competitive edge by signing up for a Home Staging Expert® course, today!



A two-part course covering both home staging “How-To’s,” as well as marketing. You will be walked through the basics of successfully staging a home and marketing your services to both Real Estate Agents and Home-Owners. Cost for the course is $395.00 USF and includes shipping.

For more information on our Home Staging Certification Course, including ordering online via Credit Card / PayPal is available on our Home Staging Certification Course ordering page, click HERE!


Cost for the 1-Day Workshop is $595.00 USF per person.

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As a Chicago transplant now calling Scottsdale her home, Kathleen is living and loving the desert life! Her creativity and passion for design, along with a background in technology and marketing, are all highly desirable qualities in an instructor. With a love for meeting and working with new people, she is an enthusiastic teacher and always eager to pass along her knowledge to others. For Kathleen, it’s all about the experience! Whether you’re a student attending one of her workshops, or a homeowner getting ready to sell, she brings that same energy and exceptional set of skills to everything she does.

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